When there is a WHEEL, there is a way!
That way is the PAIRfect ITinerary (PI) to 100% IntegriTREE!

When the mind awakens to the Mindful Point Zero...

This AlphabeT goes from A to T (Aleph to Tav) as a PAIRfect SEXY language to lead the Queen and King in you into the QKingdom. Its 22 regular letters go by double PAIRS (4) like your DNA does, each endowed with the mission to open balanced pathways in right and left brains, thus creating a bridge to the heART. Once IN-LOVE (K in Q), your doing, sustainably coming from being, can only be “crowned” with success. That honoring of the feminine is illustrated in the Hebrew word QKabbalah meaning “receiving,” or Grace On Demand (GOD). Coming from sanctuary, your word IS so REAL it creates as you speak.




Living Apple-lidge............ Eastern Buddha meets Western Christ:
The Living Apple-like Bridge in the Human Brain

10 keys are needed to unlock the  2/2 code of the divine: they are given to you now in the form of the Noble Wheel (1 rim 1 hub 8 spokes) of a Sublime Chariot moving as the GOD technology through you!

The 10 Letter-Keys cover the 10 digits, from 0 to 9:
10 equals 2 PAIRS of Master-Letters (BL/AT) representing the whole of the 22 letters, plus 5 Double Letters called "Finals." Finals refer to letters that take on a different value and shape, when placed at the end of a word. They are also "final" psychologically as they bring the redemption of ego identities. As for the 1 Final-Final letter, it was predicted to be visible only at the shift of the ages, when the mind awakens. At that time, which is quantified by science as being almost in the now, the magnetic field of the Earth will register a drop quantified as Point Zero. That perfect point of polarity is behind the magical square of 9 numbers as the number zero!

  1. Letter Beth (B, value 2) starts the Hebrew Torah, the Five Books of Moses and corresponds to the two first Noble Truths enunciated by the Buddha. PAIRS with the letter Lamed.
  2. Letter Aleph (A, value 1) is the innocence of an infant. Innocence is the eyeNOsense that sees with the heART or the ability to stop judging. It corresponds to the Alpha of "the Alpha and the Omega" of Christ consciousness. PAIRS with the letter Tav.
  3. Letter Kaph Final (K, value 500>5) Kaph redeems the desire of regular Kaph to be coercive and to misuse power and aligns the self to the good of all.
  4. Letter MeM Final (M, value 600>6) redeems regular Mem, as it allows to heal the separation from emotions. From feeling our feelings, we can then recognize that there is only one of us and love.
  5. Letter NuN Final (N, value 700>7) redeems regular Nun, and allows for one to visit darkness, and not take it personally, that is, not attach to it...
  6. Letter Peh Final (P, value 800>8) redeems regular Peh, and allows for the mouth to be in alignment with the heart when speaking or eating. Thus a new accountability is possible, and the voice can find a trust and a hearing!
  7. Letter Tzaddi Final (Z, value 900>9) redeems regular Tzaddi, by being a living bridge between the wisdom of the heART and the logic/power of the brain.
  8. Letter MaHaL Final Final is the 28th and long-awaited letter and the number 0 that has always been here, before any beginning, before the number 1. It could only be seen as the Earth came to a drop in magnetic energy and an increase in frequency, which science has quantified and termed Point Zero. That culmination is known by the ancients as being the shift of the ages.
  9. Letter Tav (T, value 400.000>4) is the Omega mirroring the Aleph/Alpha. With Aleph, it is the AT of Adenine Thymine, it is the IT of reality, it is the ET of Extra-Terrestrial consciousness. It is the innocence also, yet no longer from a childish viewpoint but from child-like mastery. PAIRS with letter Aleph, as the last being the first...
  10. Letter Lamed (L, value 30>3): is the last letter of the Torah, and PAIRS with Letter Beth. Tallest letter of the alphabet, it stretches to the skies to be the resurrection/ROSEerection of liberated mind. It is the turn of the ego mind that surrenders into the heART, since going from B to L spells Bal and means "do not!", while going from L to B spells Leb, and means "heart!"

Click here to see how the square to be magically adding to a 15 in all directions can only have for center the number 5. Within that square is also inscribed a circular wheel, whose hub is also a 5, whose rim is 0 and which has 8 numbers/spokes. As a wheel and will, it moves on the paths of the Torah (also meaning "the way"), going from the first PAIR of the NoBLe Truths (BL) to the last PAIR (LB), with the Eightfold NoBLe Path in between. From the numbers, it is clear that the central discipline is given by #5 as Right Intention. It is also clear that to maintain such discipline, the #0 of Just Mindfulness is essential. This is how Hebrew NoBLe completes exactly and in a timely manner the Buddhist Noble Way: at last LOVE is ONE, at last balance between West and East, electric male and magnetic female is possible!

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