When there is a WHEEL, there is a way!
That way is the PAIRfect ITinerary (PI) to 100% IntegriTREE!

Ten Articles of Incorporation

  1. Reality, a fitting name for God, is neutral: It doesn’t love one moment to then hate you; it does not want you to be rich and it does not want you to be poor. It does not not care and it does not care!
  2. Our experience of reality is magnetized to us by what our mind accepts as true. "As you believe, so it is given unto you." When we believe in good with 100% certainty, good manifests 100%.
  3. 100% is the literal meaning of the word integrity. 100% is also the generosity of unconditional love.
  4. The Dreamer artist-like tribe is not 100%: it does what it loves, yet the money does not follow! The Executive business-like tribe is not 100% either: it is financially successful, yet it has no serenity!
    • If 100% is knowing wholeness, then lack of it invites an outside world and thus separation.
    • From separation comes the need for co-dependency and the projections onto another.
    • The ultimate projection of our lack of wholeness is onto what we term "God."
  5. It is not that God created man in His own image, it is more that man's mind created God in its own image; it creates a benevolent God when sane, and a vengeful God when trapped in Scare City.
  6. The information shared on this website is an invitation to first take an honest look at the image in which we, you, and I have created God.
  7. From there, we can view the Hebrew of the Torah (the text at the root of the three Abrahamic religions) with the eyes of innocence, before any punishing or rewarding translations, and thus allow for the space in which change can happen.
  8. We may then see a "PAIRfect ITinerary" traced by Hebrew for us to reclaim intuition and instinct as our basic tools of awareness. Thus we can be in our hearts and in our bodies responsibly, instead of imploring a superior and supersized being from the deceptiveness of what we call hope... On the note of how different a reality words create, compare the energetic quality of the two following statements: "I have total faith that peace is possible" versus "I hope that peace is possible."
  9. From responsibility, we can know there is no reason to fear the amazing creative POWER we have!
  10. Once empowered, we can heal the eco-systems individually and globally, handle the energy crisis and all other abuses, and leave an abundant and replenished paradise for our children to enjoy...

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