When there is a WHEEL, there is a way!
That way is the PAIRfect ITinerary (PI) to 100% IntegriTREE!

The MagiQK of 9

The letters QK comes from the Hebrew word QKabbalah, which is written with a K when scriptures are taught by Rabbis and with a Q when they are taught by Gnostics (Greek, Christian, Egyptian mystics). QKabbalah means "receiving," as in Grace On Demand. That means you're a shareholder of ThyWillbeDone, Inc. That means the Queen and the King of you are at-ONE and IN-LOVE in the QKingdom for GOOD!

From that point on, "you" can love any created reality because there is no more "you:" the little selfish brat ego that you used to identify with (pardon my French) and that had you believe "you" could own anything in the material world (a house, a body...), in the emotional world (a resentment, an excitment...), in the mental world (a concept, a credo...); all of that is gone, and replaced by shares in.... you guessed! ... ThyWillbeDone, Inc.

MagiQKal it is, as in the formula Abracadabra, which in Hebrew means: "I create as I speak!" Now your voice IS so REAL, it actually makes flesh! Imagine the advantage of that if you have something to sell, such as coaching services, healing therapies, marketing, art... From the pure goodness of your intentions, you are met with trust, because you now trust your goodness!

On the subject of accountability, did you notice that all 3-digit lines on the home sweet OM page add up to 15? This number 15 itself magiQKally turn into a 6 (15 = 1+5 = 6).

Letters and numbers create! How so? Shakespeare said it in several ways, among which "to BEE or not 2B..." Indeed, Shakespeare was a QKabbalist... He knew that Deborah in Hebrew meant "bee" AND "word" AND "matter!"

Letter Tzaddiq
value 900
  Path of Letter Tzaddiq

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