When there is a WHEEL, there is a way!
That way is the PAIRfect ITinerary (PI) to 100% IntegriTREE!

Give and Take 5 through Letter Kaph, value 500, of The PAIRfect ITinerary

The PAIRfect ITinerary is a part of the Path of XPR and is traced by the 10 stops on the Way as the 10 keys of the Hebrew Alphabet as a letter-being and a number.

More than a presentation, which is available as short talk, half-day or full-day seminar, it is a game...
a card game leading you to be 100% divine, REAL, IN-LOVE, and creating as you speak!

The Light Transmission Kit (and its 10 cards) is part of the XPR LOVE QKode.


It is PAIRfect

because it balances right and left hemispheres, that is, the Queen of Being and the King of Doing... While Right Intention (5) is King of Doing and Hub of the Wheel, Just Mindfulness (0) is behind him as Queen of Being and Rim of the Wheel.

Path of Letter Kaph

It is an ITinerary

because it encourages you to travel from the first to the last, from A to T. Going from letter to letter (that is, from role to role), you earn all stages of these initiations until you arrive at the place you started from, and see IT with new eyes, with the "I" of eyeNOsense.

Coaching Links for Right Intention as a 5 and Just Mindfulness as a 0

The 9 numbers are 5 pairs, each pair adding to 10 (1+9 | 2+8 | 3+7 | 4+6 | 5+5).
Together the 5 pairs invoke the Jubilee (means "50" in Hebrew and the "Realization of the Self").

It is a 10 as the paths are organized as a wheel, which has 1 rim + 1 hub + 8 spokes.
On every account, that wheel helps you to turn, turn, turn, there is a season, turn, turn, turn...
and a time to change your evil ways, baby, so that you have a wonderful life!

As the discipline of Right Intention, and the most essential part of the wheel, the hub hosts the headquarters of ThyWillBeDone, Inc. With no further ado, pick a card, and enjoy the show...

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