When there is a WHEEL, there is a way!
That way is the PAIRfect ITinerary (PI) to 100% IntegriTREE!

Letter Tav
value 400

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Path of Letter Tav
4U, the Shareholder...

Whether conscious of it or not, you invest daily in Thy WiLL Be Done, Inc. Each cosmocentric (generous) choice increases the number of shares you own in the company. Each egocentric (selfish) choice diminishes the number of shares you have in the company.

The POWER to create "your" reality, your IT, whatever IT may be (more time, more money, more fun, more peace, more friends, more health), is entirely dependent upon the number of shares you own in Thy WiLL Be Done, Inc. In other words, the more generously you share, the more shares you have: this is you know heaven is having, and hell is Scare City!

If you cannot choose to love the peaceful beauty of what is AT ALL TIMES, and BE spontaneously uttering songs of gratitude, it simply is a POWER issue: you do not own enough shares in the “Right Intention” company (the headquarters of Thy WiLL Be Done, Inc.), to influence the vote towards the peace from which all success comes!

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