When there is a WHEEL, there is a way!
That way is the PAIRfect ITinerary (PI) to 100% IntegriTREE!

The 7th day of REST allowed by the I AM (Integrative Acupuncture for the Mind) Technology is the destination of the PI and IS Self-REALization!

The pun of ISRAEL IS REAL communicates how there is only one of us, making us all Jewish, especially if we are Buddhists! Here is how: Patriarch Jacob in the Hebrew Bible resented to have been born the second twin. He stole the right of the first born from his brother, lied to his father to receive a blessing that wasn't meant for him, and had to flee from home sweet OM as a result of his poor integrity. On the way, he came to a river where an angel awaited him: they fought all night and as the dawn was coming, Jacob realized he had only been fighting himself! He surrendered, saw that he was PAIRfect and whole (that is, in integrity), and received from the angel his divine name as ISRAEL.

Truth is: only when surrendered, one IS REAL. Only when surrendered, one can climax. Only when surrendered, one can rest and not work so hard! Everything else is a lot of efforts, of "trying" that lead nowhere. Jacob belongs to the HELLusion of Karma (a lot of actions to be constantly redone) and ISRAEL to the Jubilee JOY of Dharma. Clearly, we are REALly all Buddhists, all Jews, all ONE!

Okay, this is truly meaningful, in a clever, deep and cute sort of a way... And okay again, we've entered the age of transformation! But how might the PI be the transmission of the light of the Hebrew Bible? Is it really possible that it would be the long-awaited key meant to awaken humanity?

Letter NuN,
value 700
Path of Letter NuN

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